The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Sunshine Coast Lodge

Gosford Group

2019 Programme

Tuesday 12 February
Pamela de Lacy  Interspecies Communication

Tuesday 12 March
Gerard Brennan  The Journey of the Wild Swans; A reflection on Celtic Spirituality

The talk will be an examination of Celtic Spirituality in the light of Theosophy and the deeper wisdom.

Tuesday 9 April
Soo Hang  The Teachings of Lao Tzu

Tuesday 14 May
Christine Challis   The True Life of Jesus

Tuesday 11 June
Dianne Kynaston   Women of spiritual integrity; practitioners of wisdom

Tuesday 9 July
DVD   The Sage of Arunachala
A Documentary: Sri Ramana Maharshi 1879 – 1950

Tuesday 13 August
Mariette Blackmore  Your Wonderful Mind

Tuesday 10 September
Pedro Oliviera  The Self and its Bodies

Theosophy suggests that the Human Being is essentially a Self - unconditioned consciousness-that uses several vehicles (bodies) for its expression on the physical, emotional and mental planes of existence. This presentation will enquire into how the different 'bodies' can be so aligned that we may enter into the full knowledge of who we really are.

Tuesday 8 October
Keith Howes  The Theosophy of Walt Disney

Vulgar Showman or Visionary Artist. Disney ... his extraordinary vision, influence and worldwide reach. The Cinema's Shakespeare fashioning the fantasies of generations?

Tuesday 12 November
Suzanne May

Revisiting three topics we have enjoyed sharing, focusing around our role in relation to the the infinite. including the idea of the mastery of manas and our place in the triangle of spiritual development.

Tuesday 10 December

Christine Challis   The True Life of Jesus  (continuation of her talk in May)

followed by AGM and Christmas party

2020 Programme

Tuesday 11th February
Marianne Fraser    Near death Experiences

What people who have had near death experiences can teach us about what awaits us after death.

Tuesday 10th March
Mariette Blackmore   What the Health Documentary

Tuesday 14th April
Natalie Dodih-Boyd    Tibetan Numerology

Tuesday 12th May
Dr. Ian Ellis Jones    Topic: Myths: Their origin, role and significance

Ian is a lawyer and a lecturer. He is the author of several books on the law and has a blog which explores spirituality, mindfulness, philosophy, mythology and literature. Dr. Ian Ellis Jones will talk about the origin and role of myths in society throughout the ages and the significance of myths in our current society.

Tuesday 9th June
David Martin    Out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and precognition

David will talk about personal experiences and focus on the work of Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute.

Tuesday 14th July
Dianne Kynaston    Topic: To be announced

Tuesday 13th August
Pamela de Lacy    Life is divided between love and fear. Which way will you go?

Tuesday 8th September
Linda Oliviera    Topic: To be announced

Tuesday 13th October
Keith Howes    Topic: To be announced

Tuesday 10th November
Suzanne May    Topic: To be announced

Tuesday 8th December
AGM, Christmas party and DVD to be announced


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The Rona Scott Gallery

Rona Scott was an accredited Australian artist who frequently exhibited at the Von Bertogh Gallery in Newcastle.