The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Sunshine Coast Lodge

Sunshine Coast Lodge

Buderim Croquet Club Syd Lingard Drive Buderim QLD 4556

Turbulence In The World, Our Opportunity - A Theosophical Perspective

Public talk, 7.00 - 8.00 pm, 4 March 2021.

Featured Speaker:Kerry Oldfield
Venue:Sunshine Coast Lodge

Kerry Oldfield offers his perspective on our troubled times

With wars, hunger, racial and religious conflicts, refugee crises throughout the world Covid 19, growing wealth disparity and corrupt press, what is the duty of theosophists?
Apathy, involvement, a Middle Path? What does Theosophy tell us?

Informed by his study of Theosophy, Kerry Oldfield shares his insights into the ageless wisdom's guide to troubled times


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